Thank you for your interest in donating to the Yianis Christodoulou Foundation. Our main goal is to impact children's lives through high impact projects within orphanages and schools.

Donating to the Yianis Christodoulou Foundation will help us reach our goals while we keep a close eye on costs and project management.


Alternatively, should you prefer to send us a direct bank transfer please find our coordinates below:


For funds in Euro denomination:

The Yianis Christodoulou Foundation


Account No:    550/00/80167632 

Sort code:       60-16-12 

IBAN:              GB69NWBK60720580167632 

BIC:                NWBKGB2L

For funds in Sterling:

The Yianis Christodoulou Foundation: 

Account No:    77240634

Sort code:       60-16-12 

IBAN:              GB08NWBK60161277240634 

BIC:                NWBKGB2L

For security purposes, should you be using this option, kindly let us know either by reaching out to a member of our team or simply using the contact us link here.